Thursday, November 25, 2010

Discovering photos within photos

I have not posted for awhile for the same reason I haven't been able to try to improve my photo skills….
But I have been able look at the work of others. One of my favorite bloggers is Kate of "What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today" . She will include a picture along with the description of what she saw as she rode her bike. I have included her photos before and there is always something of interest that can be found within the picture. Her latest photo was taken at Lake Pontchartrain. A beautiful sky and cloud formation, a sail boat in the distance, if you enlarge the picture you can also see that there are two wind surfers on the lake, and of course a nice example of a Great Blue Heron.

But wait, there's more. Need a banner for your newsletter or website.

Need an example of the Great Blue Heron

Or how about the sky and cloud formation as a background

Or you could crop and get a smaller picture

So study the photographs that you like and see how many other pictures can be derived from the original.


  1. cool

  2. Robert,
    I am trying to contact you regarding a photograph that you took of my grandmother at Sagamore Hill in the 1950's. It was in National Geographic. Please contact me at Thank you!!!
    Jessica Whitehead