Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter Pond Life

I was passing by when I noticed two swans in the pond. I was going to keep driving but then thought, 'let's see what pictures I can get'. By the time I was ready to snap some photos the swans had decided to get on the ice. Actually a better scene. But you can't ask them to 'look this way', or, 'move a little to the left'. So, you wait for the best picture you can get, and, then take lots of them.

They did cooperate, to a degree, and there will be more opportunities.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lost opportunities

Consider this, how many times have you missed a good photo opportunity because you either were not prepared or you did not have a camera with you? Allow me to describe one non-event that I still think about, even though it happened many years ago.

I was traveling through Worcester county, it was one of those cloudy, damp days when it threatened to rain at any moment. As I was entering rotary (roundabout) traffic, I saw a ballon vendor who had setup a roadside stand. I don't remember the occasion but apparently there was to be a parade that day.

What was so poignant was the scene of this lonely vendor hunkered down trying to stay dry and warm on a rather dismal day. Yet there were the brightly colored balloons that stood out against the backdrop of various shades of grey. It was one of those occasions when a picture would have been worth a thousand words. My description does not do justice to the scene that became a lost opportunity.