Sunday, July 11, 2010

Introducing Brigit

This is a longish story, bear with me as I recall the past and look forward to the future. Pictured below is Pat, me, and our Jack Taylor tandem, circa 1983.

Sorry for the quality of the photo, an "old" snapshot. The frame of the tandem pictured above was made by Jack Taylor. I built it up with Cinelli, Campagnolo, Phil Wood, and, Brooks. The finest bike I had ever owned, there were many enjoyable rides. Fast forward and we come to the present. My stoker can no longer maintain her balance or apply any pedal power. Enter Jack Baker of S & B Recumbents.

Working with his Manhattan tandem I asked for modifications that would allow us to cycle together again. I adjusted his photo and sent him the jpeg above. Jack was very willing to create the tandem that would satisfy our needs. After some conversations and emails the deal was made.

So here is Brigit.....

I am most pleased with the results. Just need to fine tune and then Pat, Bob, and Brigit will be riding the bike paths.


  1. Oh, Bob! What a wonderful addition to the bicycling family! I'm so excited for you--*all* of you. Happy, happy riding!


  2. Thanks for dropping by and making a comment. I'm glad you liked today's photo better. As I look at this bike I'm very impressed. The only thing I wonder is what does she do with her hands and arms as you are traveling, to keep them from getting in the wheels? To me it seems like it would be difficult to just sit there and hold your hands across your stomach or on your lap for more than just a very few minutes.