Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 25, Polo

Today was very interesting, I had been wondering what I could shoot for the days assignment and came upon a group of polo players. The picture above is of "Sissy", I suppose the spelling could be "Cici", forgot to ask. But who ever heard of a sissy umpire? What ever the spelling she is a talented instructor in the sport of Polo. Throughout the weeks she instructs groups of students in the basic and finer points of polo. It is said that she is a "bear", maybe that is a better name.

After doing a search I did find the correct first name spelling of the learned coach for the Harvard Polo Club, it's Cissie.

In the picture below Nick is giving a demonstration on how to handle the horse and the mallet. Tomorrow I will be adding some more of today's pictures in the following site: Polo.

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